9 Days in Belize and Tikal, Guatemala

A Travelogue by John Niebler

Pictures by John Niebler and John Zastrow

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Tikal - Day 2
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Going Home

Sunday April 6th

Gale took us to the Sea Front Inn then dropped our bags at the airport for us. We ate omelets and coffee and soaked up as much ocean view as we could before we left. We walked about 5 blocks through town to the airport. Sunburn sucks. Even the light morning sun hurt. Not to mention the rubbing of clothes. The ending of the trip probably didn’t help our mood either. Our trip to Belize International was uneventful as were the flights home. I was looking forward to the 30 degrees and heavy snows forecasted for Monday in Milwaukee. (They were right for once too.)
It was a fantastic trip. I didn’t realize as I was doing it how much fun it was constantly challenging my notions of what I need. Do I need a hot water for a shower? Do I need to know what I’m eating? Do I really need to be out of Guatemala tomorrow or would the next day be ok? Do I need the lights on after 9pm? Do I need to have everything planned and on my time? So I’m trying to hold onto the simplicity until my next foray into the world at large. Anyone have $2000 I can borrow?

Seafront Inn
The inside of the Seafront Inn
Flying out.